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Darken your lashes and brows without using a pencil or mascara. Ideal for people with light color lashes or those who enjoy the mascara look without the hassle.

Lash Tint20
Brown Tint15

Lavish Lash Extensions

Want bigger, bolder, longer and, more defining lashes without
the necessity of mascara or eyelash curler? Eyelash extensions
will do just the job. Lasting even longer than mascara and,
saving time out of your dairy routine. It’s perfect for any occasions.

Full Set190
Two Weeks Touch Up (must shedule apotment)55+
Three or Four Weeks Touch Up (must have at least 25% lashes remaining)85+
Lash remove45+


Special Occasion Makeup (formal)85
Special Makeup (daytime)60+
Express Makeup Eyelash Application (15 min.)15+

(Our goal is making herself confidence in her unique beauty.
We teach her techniques for making herself lovely and
feeling her best. While enhancing her natural beauty.)