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Hair Removal

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Our wax technique will leave your skin smooth and soft. Wax is better than shaving.  Shaving will cause your hair to regrow in a matter of days. Repeated waxes helps your hair grow finer in texture. Wax can also weaken the papilla and eventually inhibit your hair from returning. Waxing while using Accutane, Retin A or, any kind of antibiotics, is contraindicated.

Full Face60
Full Legs60+
Upper Legs/Lower Legs35+/45+
Full Legs & Bikini Area85+
Upper Legs & Bikini Area70+
Lower Legs & Bikini Area65
Bikini Area35+
Full Arms50+
Half Arms35+
Under Arms25+
Eyebrow for Men20
Back Wax for Men55+
Legs Wax for Men65+
Chest/Shoulder for Men60+