Include your choices of different scents of pedicure scrubs from our menu for a relaxing, sensory experience: honey milk sugar, lavender sugar, tangerine salt, cool mint sugar, orange sugar or, silky milk. These services include hands or feet soak, nail and cuticle care, exfoliating, callus removal, soothing mask, hot stones massaging, warm towels, paraffin treatment and, choices of lacquer or nail strengthener.

Paraffin treatment used by physical therapists and arthritis doctors to effectively increase soft tissues flexibility, enhance blood flow, remove toxin, relax sore muscles & relive painful arthritis.

High gloss and long lasting. Say good-bye to chipping. 14-day wear and Zero dry time.

The service includes a massage and warm towels.

Your experience begins with a consultation on the balancing of your face shape, skin tone to fit with the perfect haircut, color and styling. Scalp therapy, neck and shoulder massage followed with a shampoo will take your stress away. For specific pricing information, please see our colorist and stylist at the salon.

Our wax technique will leave your skin smooth and soft. Wax is better than shaving. Shaving will cause your hair to regrow in a matter of days. Repeated waxes helps your hair grow finer in texture. Wax can also weaken the papilla and eventually inhibit your hair from returning. Waxing while using Accutane, Retin A or, any kind of antibiotics, is contraindicated.

Eyebrows threading gives the brows the beautiful defined look that no other hair removal method can do because, it is such a precise technique. The hair do not have to be long in length to get threaded. Also, because the thread can get the finest (peachy) hair out, it gives a smooth finish. Another reason why your eyebrows hair doesn’t grow back as quickly is because every single hair is taken out every time you get threaded.

Darken your lashes and brows without using a pencil or mascara. Ideal for people with light color lashes or those who enjoy the mascara look without the hassle.

Want bigger, bolder, longer and, more defining lashes without the necessity of mascara or eyelash curler? Eyelash extensions will do just the job. Lasting even longer than mascara and, saving time out of your dairy routine. It’s perfect for any occasions.

Includes your choice of custom-made herbal products from our menu of herbs for a relaxing sensory experience. This service includes hands or feet soak, nails and cuticle care, exfoliation, callus removal, soothing mask, hot stone massage, hot towels, paraffin treatment and a choice of lacquer or nail strengthener. This Seasonal Herbal Spa is sure to awaken your senses.